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11 Jun 2020

The Dough House

Picture this: a lace tablecloth, dried rosebuds strewn about copiously, Royal Albert tea sets and a dazzling display of different flavoured scones (chili and cheese, rose and lime, orange and chocolate to name a few), a resplendent Victoria sponge cake alongside an almond and walnut covered Chocolate fudge cake and a dizzying array of jams, preserves and tapenades. Are you seeing it now? Don't forget the sparkling flutes of Rosé. Now add to that the most idyllic, light filled kitchen with floor to ceiling windows overlooking a sprawling British garden framed by apple and pear trees. And then revel in the fact that your afternoon tea is set in Shakespeare's birthplace.

That, my sweet, is The Dough House in Stratford Upon Avon.

Run by Fulden Tur (who is equal parts Nigella Lawson, fairy godmother and Sophia Loren), The Dough House provides cooking experiences for those who seek something other than your run of the mill cooking classes. Stumped as what to do for your hen do? A couple that likes to cook together? Mum and daughter  (or Dad and son) seeking a little we time? Or just a hungry, little lone traveler like me? From Afternoon Tea Classes to a Mediterranean Mezze to Sourdough bread to Pizza and Pasta (from scratch), The Dough House has got you covered and Fulden is the quintessentially perfect teacher - sweet and patient with lots of little insider tips to help you with your cooking and baking (like never knead the dough for scones, fold). Once all the cooking and baking is done (with a little help from wine and lots of laughter), you get to share and enjoy the delicious spoils of your labour in a table setting fit for a queen (and if you've taken the Afternoon Tea experience like I did, you get to wear a pretty little hat - I chose pink, of course).

But you know what the best part is for me? I came for Afternoon tea and I left with a lifelong friend.

To book online - www.thedoughhouse.co.uk (they are currently accepting online classes until further notice)


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