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15 Jun 2019

A love letter to London

My dearest London,

You never interested me much before. I always found myself running to the countryside, chasing my dreams of long walks through Walden wood. But Fate has funny ways of taking us places and suddenly, there you were before me - cold and wet and grey - welcoming me into your arms just a few short hours before my birthday.

Ah, what stories we have now.

No bathwater on the morning of my finals, finding kindred souls amongst makeup brushes and coffeepots, getting lost in your delightful and sometimes terrifying alleyways, hundreds of film photographs and 3am cravings for steak and chicken wings after falling asleep to Nigella on the telly. Of petals strewn across sidewalks, stopping to hear your buskers on every street corner I come across, the homeless man and his bear-like dog at Leicester Square who never failed to say hello each time I passed them, coffee and yumyums in hand - the very least I could share. Of basements filled to the brim with records and antique books, winter sunsets and pints of lager, of bare bottoms and tattoos at the Embankment, the ivy covered pastel little houses on Notting Hill, the Jamaican goat curry at Portobello Market, the romantic allure of solitary train rides, masses upon masses of blooms sprouting from the most unexpected places at Covent Garden, of losing 300 quid's worth of just bought makeup, of  new friends who I know will remain in my life forever, of laughter and dreams of powdered stars and glitter rainbows. Of raising a toast to you on my final day and then finding out I had a rosé named after me (well, not really after me but I'll take it).

I am missing you terribly.

Call me back soon. Call me home.

photos are a mix of film and phone

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