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3 Jan 2018

Work and play in Royal Leamington Spa

There's always something about traveling for work that somehow makes it feel as though you're taking a short vacay.  Especially if your office is located in a place like Royal Leamington Spa or as the locals call it, Leam. Add to that colleagues who are some of the sweetest and craziest people you will ever meet and you have a recipe for something that spells F U N T I M E S. Fun times, indeed.

Leamington Spa, is a spa town in Warwickshire and if you are a reader of this blog, then you might be well aware of the fact that I am quite enamoured with a tiny little town called Warwick, which is a short 10 minute drive away from Leam. It was because of these business trips that I have discovered and fallen in love with Warwick but Warwick I will talk about (and have talked about) in other posts.

Leam may be a small(ish) town but there are loads of lovely restaurants (I recommend The Drawing Board, Bistrot Pierre and Cafe Rouge), a multitude of pubs (I like The Royal Pug, The White Lion and  The Duke), tons of high street shops (Royal Priors Shopping Centre) and specialist boutiques lining the avenue aptly called The Parade. And of course there are the spas, which I never got to try despite the numerous trips to Leam I have now taken. I shall make it a point to try it next time I am there. Acommodation is plentiful but make sure to check the season and book ahead, as prices may vary quite a bit.

So here's a little run down of a few of my trips to the Lovely Leamington Spa.

Catching up on affairs in our respective parts of assignment - I was the only one based in the Middle East.

A scrumptious dinner at The Vintner in Stratford upon Avon.

Candid Delphine.

Kerry being kooky.

With the stoic Francesco.

With the lovely Ann, our Finance Manager.

Claire telling a lovely story about Foster's, frog kisses and true love.

You gotta have Bill's every time you're in the UK. It's an institution.

Ribs all for me. ( I had to take most of it in a baggy back to the hotel, as it was HUGE. Also, I have no shame in asking for a baggy, and you shouldn't too.)

Drinks and more drinks.

Succulent loins of lamb.

Rosé, all day.

A candlelit dinner for 10.

Walking to the first of many pubs and this photo op was too funny not to take.

Ok. So this photo was probably a few drinks in, ok maybe 5. Altoria, you devil.

I LOVE this photo! I mean, just look at me and Claire. We looked like we were having the time of our lives. And of course this epic photobomber.

Selfies with the Boss lady whom I adore.

This stamp took AGES to scrub off.

And the free Veuve Clicquot (yep, we somehow finagled bottles of free champagne) has done its job. Spectacularly.

Trying to revive myself from the excesses of the night before with a greasy brunch at The Lazy Cow. I usually stay over for the weekend whenever I go to the UK on business and you can read my review on The Lazy Cow, here.

And of course a little bit of makeup shopping.

And some more drinks.

Ah, Leam.

For more information on visiting Leamington Spa, please check their official website, here.

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