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22 Jan 2018

Warwick Market Place

If you've been hanging out here for awhile now, you may know that I am obsessed with a little town in the UK called Warwick. You may also know that I am a big fan of markets, big or small. 

This one is Warwick's own weekend market which runs every Saturday from 9AM to 4PM at Warwick Market Place in the centre of town, unless there was something or other event happening or it being the UK, if the weather permits. I've had the lovely chance to visit a few times and I always walk away with knickknacks I didn't think I would need but at the time seemed crucial to be part of my worldly possessions. Can you say shopaholic?

This woman selling beautiful, handmade jewelry.

The silver swallows on the bottom left came home with me that day.

This stall selling everything from figurines to candle holders to keychains, mugs and dishes all emblazoned with cute drawings of either a cat or a dog - perfect for any pet owner.

And then this stall right next to it where they sold country/cottage style housewares. I was in heaven! I had to get another suitcase because I bought pillows and glass candle holders. They have both in Dubai but I just had to. Don't ask.

I chatted quite a bit with the comic book guy and walked away with 10 various issues of the X-men, Wolverine and Spiderman. I honestly wanted to take them all but who knew comic books can be so heavy?

Since I came late in the day, there sadly were no fruit and vegetable vendors left - also, I thought to myself what on earth would I do with fruits and veggies as I was just visiting at that time so I walked around the Marketplace some more. The centre is actually flanked by shops and restaurants all around.

So I  stepped into this lovely little boutique called Pimpernel where I found the most adorable dog EVER and one stunning pink cashmere cape.

The lovely owners.

Can you see me?

His name is Louis and he stole a kiss from me literally right before this photo was taken.

I have fallen in love. I seriously wanted to take him home. I mean, look at his face.

After saying a bittersweet farewell to Louis, I wandered off across the street to The Vintage Antiques Centre. I have to mention that Warwick, tiny as can be, is well known for its antique shops and vintage stores so score.

I got some trinkets and baubles and these exquisite vintage brooches but I was too overwhelmed and spoilt for choice that I had to head out to regain my strength.

And what better way than some Texas style brisket sandwiches and ice cold Peroni?

Warwick, can I please call you home already?



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