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20 Jan 2018


Currently on the wishlist because wishing is free.

1. Vintage Typewriter - Blame it on the resurgence of all things analogue but I have always lusted after one. The one pictured is brand new from Michael's and retails for $170 which is way cheaper than the going rate of actual vintage typewriters nowadays. 

2. Complete Writing Set by Rubinato - The only and ultimate writing paraphernalia you will ever need. It includes quills, inks, wax seals, a stamp and even a spoon for melting wax chips. So very renaissance. 

3. Revolog 35mm film - In all variants please but most especially the Volvox, the 600nm and the Kolour. 

4. À Paris by Jeanne Damas - The first ever book by the French It girl of the moment, À Paris is about seeing Paris through the eyes of Jeanne, her artiste friends and beautiful locals. Also, all photos were taken by Jeanne on a 35mm point and shoot film camera.

5. Lomo LC-A - The original Russian made one please and not the re-issue by Lomography (no offense to them). 

6. Tortoiseshell glasses - Something about them just screams quirky and artistic with an intellectual twist. Or maybe it's just me.

7. Lamy LX Fountain pen in Rose Gold - This is probably the most beautiful pen I have ever laid my eyes on thus far.

8. Audio Technica LP120 record player - The record player for noobs who are serious about going on their vinyl journey. Affordable enough to be easily accessible, good enough for the experts.

9. Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats - Kitties. 'Nuff said.


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