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10 Jan 2018

Turning 36

It's not that I've forgotten but January 5th came and went with lightning speed -  the day itself was a beautiful blur.  Fresh oysters were involved, a little bit of cherry beer, maybe a cheese board or two. There was live music as well and the song that stuck with me was a silky rendition of Sade's 'Smooth Operator'. No birthday of mine is ever complete without a sojourn to my favourite secondhand bookshop and I picked up 3 books to complement the 11 I got just a week before - my January reading list is now excessively long. A stop at an arts store to pick up calligraphy and journalling supplies. A walk around the souk had me stumbling into a never-before-heard-of gourmet food shop and I'm afraid I didn't leave unscathed - a bottle of Himalayan pink salt, a tub of Buffalo mozzarella and some links of beef chorizo somehow made their way into my bags. Chicken ramen for dinner then a final stop at another food shop to replenish my stock of chia seeds and honey flavoured Greek yoghurt.

Yummy food, sun, vintage books and good company. A day well spent.

I am ready for you, 36.

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