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14 Jan 2018

Interview | Hashem McAdam

Hashem's use of light in his colour photos and shadow play in his black and white photos are what first drew me to his photography.  His stills appear to be imbued with life - wispy sea grass swaying in the breeze, a Sōzu softly trickling water into a small leaf strewn moss covered stone pond, a black fox wandering through the snow. It's as though you can almost feel the warmth of the sunlight through his photos of trees and hear the din and bustle of his city scenes.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hashem's daily life is inundated with all things film. He works in a film lab (lucky I know) and does wedding photography as well. When he is not in the lab or shooting weddings, he is out and about, usually with his lovely partner Sarah, capturing everything on film - from breathtaking landscapes, to street scenes to stunning portraits. Also, he is one half of the Youtube film photography channel Pushing Film wherein they talk about you guessed it - Film.

Hashem, my friend, you are living the dream.

1. Place of birth
Hashem: Perth, Western Australia

2. Where has been the most inspiring place you have travelled to and what made it so inspiring for you?
Hashem: Japan. Everything there just makes sense and seems to work so seamlessly. Society is very different from where I grew up so I find the people's etiquette and dedication to work, hobbies, family and almost anything to be inspiring.

3. Top 5 things on your bucket list
Hashem: To be honest I don't really have a bucket list, as the amount of things I want to do changes and gets added to all the time. In the next few years though I want to travel to more countries, make a zine and/or photobook, quit my retail day job, focus on growing Pushing Film to the next step and continue to progress as a photographer.

4. What is your greatest extravagance?
Hashem: Haha I'm not a very extravagant person but I think spending money on camera and other tech equipment would have to be it.

5. What made you delve into film photography and how long have you been shooting with film?
Hashem: I was always curious about photography as a kid and teenager, using whatever film camera that was lying around the house or buying a really cheap one from Kmart. Eventually when I was at university around 2005, we were taught on DSLRs in the early days of digital, but that got boring for a while.. And shooting more film again reignited my passion for photography.

6. What is your favourite film stock?
Hashem: Kodak Ektar.

7. Why film though?
Hashem: Because of both the process and the unique final result. I also have more fun when I shoot film; digital reminds me of shooting for jobs/work.

8. Youtube or Instagram?
Hashem: Youtube. I think it has much bigger potential, as much as Instagram is nice for photography.

9. Colour or B&W?
Hashem: This is too hard. 😅  Each has its own calling so it depends on the situation. I could be stuck shooting just black and white film forever and still be happy but sometimes you need to see the actual colours of life.

10. Introvert or extrovert?
Hashem: Introvert. I generally keep to myself but still enjoy lots of social interaction. But even then I tend to do more listening and observation.

11. Early bird or night owl?
Hashem: Night owl, but as I get older I sleep and wake up earlier haha.

12. Name 3 songs that would sum up your 2017.
Hashem: I enjoy music but don't keep track of many titles and artists lately! My favourite band is The Killers.

13. Name 3 films you can watch over and over again.
Hashem: Goodfellas, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Back to the Future

14. What was one insecurity you had about yourself and what did you do to overcome it?
Hashem: Mainly my social ability, it was something along the lines of social anxiety but I've slowly tried to break it - years of working in face to face type environments have helped. Also starting the Youtube channel - although initially terrifying due to the idea of putting myself out there publicly - has also helped me come out of my shell and worry less about what people think.

15. Describe yourself in one word.
Hashem: Quiet.

16. What makes you happy?
Hashem: Moments discovering new things and new places, being outside in nature - especially with Sarah

17. Name 3 (people, things, music, era, etc) that have inspired you.
Hashem: My partner Sarah is always inspiring me, especially in how caring, compassionate and talented she is! Secondly, I'm always inspired by all things old and/or classic. Lastly, I probably have a list of "famous people", but one of them would be Bruce Lee and what he was able to achieve during his lifetime.

All photos by Hashem McAdam

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Youtube - Pushing Film

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