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2 Jan 2018

Film Stock | Ilford XP2 Super

Black and white film and I usually don't mix. I tend to get frustrated with the results, but this is because I haven't really had the chance to experiment with it more. Also I found out the hard way that B&W film and drinking sessions don't tend to end well so I may have wasted a roll or two trying to play around with 3200 speed B&W film so maybe that's put me off it. But then, I recently had the chance to try out Ilford's XP2 Super which, conveniently, you can process with C-41 chemistry and I cannot sing its praises enough. Sure, the purists might say that XP2 is not your true black and white as it is processed using colour chemicals but hey, I was never one to follow the rules.

All photos were taken by me on a Canon AE-1


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