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14 Jan 2018

Film Stock | Cinestill 800T

One of the films I've been most excited to try when my obsession with film photography kicked into high gear last year was CineStill 800T. Developed in 2012 by the Brothers Wright photography team, CineStill is an 800 ISO film that is Tungsten balanced and is originally a Kodak cinema film (yes, the one they use for the movies) that has been repackaged into 35mm and 120 formats with their remjet backing removed, making it  so that it is developed through normal C-41 process. Which basically means they have made it easy and convenient for us commoners to be able to shoot motion picture quality photos anytime, anywhere. 

CineStill is unfortunately not available for sale here in Dubai but you can get your hands on some through the CineStill website. They have also released the 50D which is made for use in daylight (shooting 800T in daylight results in a blue haze over all the exposures) and a black and white film stock called bwXX. Two more for the must try list, eeek.

All photos were shot by me on a Canon AE-1.

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