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4 Jan 2018

El Nabil Musc Blanc

I have been quite partial to perfume oils these days and when I first heard about  El Nabil's Musc Blanc from one of Violette Serrat's Godard-esque Youtube videos, I immediately went on an online search. Side note: if you have not yet heard of Violette, I suggest you check her out immediately. The beautifully produced shorts of her doing her minimalistic style of makeup amid a backdrop of either New York's or Paris' most sought after hotspots is like candy to my eyes.

Luckily, they are readily available online (mostly on French and Arabic websites) but I got mine through a seller on Ebay. They are currently going for under £5 for  a 5ml vial and although 5ml may not sound like a lot, trust me you do not need much of it to smell utterly delicious.

As white musk scents go, Musc Blanc is soft, warm and slightly powdery. Some people may be put off by single note scents but Musc Blanc, as it sits on your skin throughout the day (or night), reveals many facets. Each one more delightful than the last. As with most, if not all musks, it needs to be utilised with care because once you go overboard there is no turning back as an onslaught of musk is not at all pleasing - not to the wearer or to the people around her. Though to be fair,  it is difficult to go overboard with Musc Blanc: first there's the size (although you may find yourself liberally applying thinking it only costs a couple of quid anyway) and then there's the scent itself - it just melds so beautifully with your own scent thus creating an amalgamation of sorts. One that does not need much embellishment and one that leaves you smelling like the sensual creature that you really are.

I like to daub this behind the ears, on the wrists, behind the knees and maybe the d├ęcolletage, the nape and the belly button if I had other more intimate plans. Trust me, this works like magic.

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