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2 Jan 2018

Edible Obsession | French Fruit Tart

What makes a fruit tart specifically French, I wonder?

 A bit of Google research actually does not tell much about the origins of tarts except that they came about during the Medieval times in Europe so it would be safe to assume that the French have elevated it to an art form. Then again, French pastries are the best in the world, in my humble opinion.

So of course I had to try my hand at making them. I have found the best recipe to be that of The Tasty Bite Blog. Do not be daunted, they are actually quite easy to make although I didn't have any tart molds on hand so I used a muffin pan instead. Desperate times, desperate measures. They still came out beautifully, albeit the pastry came out a tiny bit on the thick side. I compensated with a thicker dollop of crème pâtissière. Yum.

What is your favourite French pastry?


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