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30 Dec 2017

Serge Lutens Gris Clair

I first smelt this on a colleague , one cold November day, as we were on our way to work. There were about 5 of us in the van and I kept getting whiffs of soft, warm lavender. At first I thought it was someone's soap or shower gel so I hightailed it to the shop (Superdrug!) right after work and bought every lavender scented shower gel I could get my hands on but nope. Finally realised it was her and I hesitantly asked her what her perfume was - hesitantly because I do understand that scent is a very personal thing for some people and they may not be too comfortable sharing their fragrance - but thank goodness, she was all too happy to share! "Serge Lutens Gris Clair - like my name, " she told me excitedly in that lilting Belgian accent she had, as she pulled a tiny flask out of her bag. She had decanted it onto a smaller bottle as we were traveling for work at the time. She sprayed my arms and neck as we were all walking to dinner at a tiny gastropub in the lovely Leamington Spa.

 I felt so chic, so mysterious - like those French It girls that pepper Instagram - tanned noses buried in books, a thin cigarette nestled between crimson lips, idly sipping cafe au laits in a tiny cafe in Paris.

Alas, on me the scent was stronger, more masculine, smokier and muskier. We now have a running joke - " We smell like rich, old men." Nonetheless, I scoured the interwebs later that night and 24 hours later I had my very own 50ml bottle - courtesy of Liberty London's online shop.

The scent makes me feel like I'm enveloped in a thick cashmere blanket, warm and comforting. It reminds me of autumn nights, sat in front of a blazing fireplace. It is both cool (lavender and iris) and warm (amber and tonka bean) on my skin.

I still love it, no matter what  and it will forever remind me of my darling Claire and my love for everything British.


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