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30 Dec 2017

Film Stock | Lomography LomoChrome Purple

I first heard about Lomochrome Purple through Kate Hook's YouTube channel, Film Freek. (I have also had the awesome opportunity to interview the lovely Kate for my blog's Inspiration Board series, here.) A few Google and Flickr searches later, I have fallen madly in love with the Lomochromes. The line comes in two variants, the Lomochrome Purple and the Lomochrome Turquoise but today we shall be focusing on the Purple.

Lomochrome Purple is a film that has been developed by Lomography which mimics the style of Kodak's (very old and very discontinued) line of infrared film, the Aerochrome, which was utilised by the US military for aerial shots. When we think of infrared, we think colour shifts right? Absolutely! With Lomochrome Purple, blues turn to greens, greens to purple and yellows to pinks and every single shot takes on an otherworldly glow. The line was first released in 2013 and this year a new and improved formula was released which provided lesser grain than it's predecessor. It comes in two formats, 35mm and 120mm. You can read more about it and purchase some if you wish at the Lomography website. (If you do, I suggest to grab a bundled deal that Lomography offers as they run out of stock pretty quickly!)

I finally got to try it for myself a couple of months ago and these are the results.

 Final verdict: LOVE.

All photos were shot by me on a Canon AE-1.


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