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29 Dec 2017

Edible Obsession: Raw Fish

Sushi, sashimi, ceviche, boquerones, kinilaw - if it's raw (or "cooked" in lemon juice or vinegar), I'm there. Lucky for me, there are tons of places that serve raw fish in Dubai and I am going to share my top local spots for a sushi/ceviche fix.

1. LIMA Dubai (City Walk, Al Wasl) - Offering a dizzying array of ceviche dishes, I only opt for the purist's choice - Catch of the Day, which is whatever fresh fish that's on offer that day mixed with the traditional Peruvian ceviche fixings: red onions, Cacha corn, sweet potato and leche de Tigre tradicional. (Don't fret, it isn't actual Tiger's milk; it's the the juices in which the fish has been gently marinating in - Peruvians even down a shot of pure leche de Tigre as they claim it's aphrodisiac!) Lima's ceviche is by far the best ceviche I have tried in Dubai. The fish is fresh, not too 'cooked', yet not too raw and definitely without that fishy aftertaste. The other ingredients not overpowering the sweet, almost nutty flavour of the fish. And the fish, omg the fish just melts in your mouth - I couldn't get enough that I wanted to order another plate! Self control is key so I had another glass of rosé instead.

2. Okku (H Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road) - Sake, unagi, black cod and tuna tartare. Get the crème brûlée for dessert. You're welcome.

3. Miyabi Sushi and Bento (Grosvenor Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road) - I usually go for their spicy tuna roll and the crispy salmon skin temaki with my usual sake sashimi. On the more affordable side, their servings are quite hefty. I usually eat my sashimi whole but in Miyabi I have to cut it in two else it won't fit into my mouth!

4. Yo Sushi (various locations in Dubai) - Fast food sushi, as one friend of mine calls it, but the fish is fresh (depending on where you go though and I usually prefer the DIFC and Festival City locations) and the dishes are reasonably priced. I always go for the sake nigiri and sake sashimi (yes, we have now established that I have a thing for salmon), washed down with their unlimited miso soup.

I have yet to find a place that serves a decent plate of kinilaw (which is the Filipino version of Ceviche) and authentic Spanish boquerones is hard to find in Dubai so the search is still on.

Who am I kidding? When it comes to raw fish, the search is always on.

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