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29 Dec 2017

A day out in Dublin

This post is really, really late but I wanted to post something to remind me of the time I spent in Dublin. On my way to visit my former company's manufacturing site in Sligo, I had to pass through Dublin and spend a few nights there but had just one day to explore.

So explore I did.

I didn't get far.

I went on a tour of Dublin Castle, gawked at Dublin University and then got hungry (naturally) so I decided to find a place to go and eat. I didn't realise that the place I chose was on the Temple Bar district and the rest, as they say, is history.

Took a Dublin Castle tour:

The ballroom:

This friggin' huge chandelier:

Beautiful murals:

The Irish Royal Coat of Arms:

Bram Stoker was here:

The dungeons - you could feel somewhat of an eerie presence, almost threatening, I couldn't wait to get out of there:

A painting depicting how the exterior would have looked like in it's heyday:

Outside the garrison:

Getting lost in the streets of Dublin, looking for a place to eat:

A beautiful Gothic church:

Found a pub and these lovely ladies, Mary and Anne Marie, found me:

Who just happened to be with this guy - former Manchester United footballer Keith Gillespie:

So they took me to this place called Darkey Kelly's so I can have the full traditional Irish music experience:

Met this lovely couple - then and there I wished that one day I would have what they had and I told them so and that's when I snapped this pic (you can see the delight in her eyes):

So I stole her away for a little:

And then ambushed the band's lead singer:

Found another lovely lady:

Who asked me to dance.

And then proceeded to pull me onto the dance floor  front of the stage and dance. So dance I did, the Irish jig, in front of a roomful of Irish people. Me. A Filipina who has never danced the Irish jig before in her life. Thank you Guinness.

To those who say the Irish are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet in your life, I wholeheartedly agree.

I'm coming back for you Dublin, I promise.


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