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14 Jan 2017

Saturday Sessions | 06

It's been a hot minute since I've done one of these. A year long hot minute.

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Reading. Having a bit of a Lauren Conrad obsession at the moment so I've been rereading the two books that I have which she's written (Style and LA Candy) and perusing her blog. I do want her latest book, Celebrate. When I get paid, yes?

Writing.  This post. Does it feel good to be back? We shall see.
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Listening. Dynmk all day today. God, I've missed music. I kinda stopped listening to music for awhile. Usually when I'm depressed. Is that strange?

Thinking. About pineapples, Instagram filters, instant film, charm bracelets, blonde hair, fidelity, money and sex.

Smelling. The Body Shop's Coconut Body mist. I am so happy I got this (plus a back up) from The Body Shop's website because for some sick reason they have been discontinued here in Dubai.

photo from  Pinterest
Wishing. To run away to Tahiti and set up a bed and breakfast/beach shack/bookshop.

Hoping. That this week will be a good one. Please God, let this be a good one.

Wearing. A Juicy Couture terry sundress in lemon print which I've happily cut up to turn into a tube dress,

Loving. Coconuts. Can't you tell?

Wanting. A big seafood feast with steamed crabs, grilled shrimps, grilled fish, seaweed salad and lots and lots of rice.

Needing. Divine intervention.

Feeling. Some kinda feeling. Let this be a good week please. Begging you.

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