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22 Oct 2016

Do what you Love

I tried painting.
The colors wouldn't blend. You could only make out blobs of pinks and purples and sunset hues on the canvas. Blobs. Gashes masquerading as artful strokes. Lines pretending to be pretty.
Blobs, I tell you.

I tried drawing.
I sucked, in monumental proportions.

I tried knitting.
Which was quite funny as I was never one to follow a pattern. I couldn't get the rainbow coloured yarn to turn into the daisy doily I had planned to make to showcase my candle of the moment.

I tried singing.
I am not bad, per se. But my voice, to my own ears anyway, lacked the drop to your knees resonance that all my favourite singers seem to possess. I sound, according to a brutally honest cousin of mine, like Paris Hilton on steroids. Bland, boring and trying to get you hard/wet. I don't know.

I tried photography.
I am still trying. I've sold all of my cameras to fund my hobo existence of the past 7 months so that's been put on hold. But hey, I am employed again. So watch this space.

Now, here. Before.
I am trying to write.
I will write.

Words I can melt. Words I can season.
Braise. Boil. Fry.

Words I can make my own. Words I can give.

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