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8 Jan 2016

Friday's 10 Happy Things | Vol 2

It's been awhile.

I have so much to be thankful for, no matter how dark the road ahead may seem for me. So much to be thankful. But for now, here's the 10 best this week.


1. Birthday Babe. It was my birthday on the 5th. 34friggingDDs, as Teddy says. Inside joke. Teehee. But yeah, it was a lovely day. The 'Rents sent me cake and yellow tulips all the way from Texas (but not really - ordered online hence the yellow tulips instead of the yellow roses and they are P I S S E D hahaha). I gave my colleagues diabetes that day. Donuts. Cake. What have you. Then at night, just stayed home and cooked up a storm. Just the way I like it.

2. Bookworld by Kinokuya is my absolute happy place here in Dubai. Books, you say? And stationery and pens and TOYS and all sorts of fun things that has to do with paper too! I spent a good part of the Christmas holidays hiding out in the Photography section (and the Food section, natch) which has resulted in the next happy thing(s):

3. Cameras. I have recently acquired 3 cameras. A vintage Polaroid Land 320 off Ebay, a Holga Twin Lens Reflex and an Instax Mini 90.  I preach: FILM'S NOT DEAD.

4. Sephora Mall of the Emirates. Someone gave me a gift card. So I hightailed it to MOE. After my little foray into Sephora this week, I now will have NO need to buy makeup for the year. Maybe even two. (Yeah, like that'll happen but hey I am hopeful. I believe in my willpower.)

5. Friends. Abbie. Lesley. Cheryll. Mini. Joyce. Teddy. Thank you for always rooting for me.

6. Smiling BKK's deep fried whole fish. Bones, eyeballs, tail and all. I had it with rice (13 cups?) and a dip made up of soy sauce, lemon juice and lots of dried chili flakes. Heaven.

7. Victoria's Secret. So they are currently on their semi annual craziness, I mean, sale and I had to have a little look. Apparently, I have been wearing the wrong bra size all along. I now am a .... (gah I'm FAT). But I did get myself some proper fitting ones and I tell you now, having a bra that fits you right is EVERYTHING.

8. Travel Vlogs have been my go to videos to watch on YouTube lately. I need inspiration.

9. Cavallini Papers. Blame it on my newfound obsession with planners and journals but in the course of my 'research' I found an Instagrammer whose feed is literally my #GOALS. Asked what she uses as her rubber stamps that are oh so vintage and chic and she said Cavallini. I then spent $125 (!!#%) on stationery. I am, what they call, the perfect consumer. Arrgggh.

10. A Plane Ticket. Finally.

I am sorry if I have not been so active on here lately. There's just so many things ... But, all will be well. I hope. We hope.

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