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13 Nov 2015

Interview | Abbie Alodia Almasco

I have decided to start a series on my blog featuring people and places which have inspired me the most, kind of like an inspiration board come to life. I was actually very much inspired by Suitcase Mag and their travel and fashion web features so without further ado ladies and gents, may I present to you my first (of many I hope) Inspiration board featuring fashion and lifestyle blogger, Abbie Alodia Almasco.

A little back story on how I came to know about Abbie: The year was 2007 and I was hunting online for reviews on Shu Uemura's lash curler when I stumbled across one of Abbie's posts wherein she has just recently hauled said curler. I was ecstatic! It was like I found a new best friend who also loved basically ALL the things I did, that's how reading her blog made me feel. I can safely say that Abbie Almasco was the first blogger I ever followed all those years ago.

Not only were her pictures AMAZING but the way she wrote was what drew me in - eloquent, raw, refreshingly unguarded and very natural. She would seamlessly move from being giddy about makeup finds to being endearingly wistful and at times even a little fiery, when musing about life and love. She writes without guile or pretense and writes for herself, without asking the world to love her. Her words are real, because you feel them. You understand. You have gone through them yourself. That, in my opinion, is what makes a great blogger. One that makes you feel as though you have been through everything she has gone through, one that makes you think and one that makes you feel, for lack of a better word, inspired.

Nowadays, the internet is peppered with legions of so called (and self proclaimed) beauty/lifestyle/travel/fashion/how to to/etc bloggers. Give someone a camera and a computer (heck now a smart phone works just as well if not better) and just about anyone can be a blogger. 

But very rarely can we find someone who has something to say and says it beautifully, be it in photographs or the written word. I have seen  some bloggers with stunning photos but very poor writing skills or vice versa. Or "Instagram bloggers". Or the 'poseurs'. Or those really cringe worthy ones, you know, the ones who review without testing and researching, who post for the sake of posting, the nail polish bloggers with haphazardly painted nails, the fashion bloggers who have no fashion sense AT ALL (sorry just being honest here), the writers who need to go back to grammar school; I could go on and on and on.

 And then there are the select few who will capture your mind and heart and interests (and financial will power) but for me,  Abbie trumps them all. 

She is, after all, my number 1. 

And now, I am even more ecstatic because now I can call her my friend. 

1. Place of Birth
Abbie: Muntinlupa, Manila

2. Where has been the most inspiring place you have traveled to and why has it inspired you?
Abbie: I haven't seen so much of the world (though I believe I've seen a lot *of* it), but every place I've been on has been an inspiring adventure, even the most simplest trips to our local provinces - it teaches you a lot about life in the sense that it makes you realize how big the world really is, and how it shouldn't surprise us how we're all so different from each other. But it's thoughts like that that make you think that we should look focus on the good parts - our differences should be uniting us with each other, not separating us. It's such a beautiful thing to learn about each others' cultures and traditions. There is always something to learn, there is always something good we could take out of the things we share with each other.

3. Top 5 things on your bucket list?
Abbie: The basics, really. Because I'm a lame human being :
To Skydive (despite my EXTREME fear of heights, I'll surely be wearing adult diapers when I finally sign myself up)
To learn how to thread in the deep (so I can finally surf and maybe swim with Dolphins and Butandings and other amazing, gigantic sea creatures that doesn't have the appetite for Human flesh and Blood *heart eyes*)
To own and drive my own car (I want a Jeep Wrangler / Rubicon)
To publish a book / e-book (preferably of short stories)
To finally come to a point of loving myself 101%

4. What is your greatest extravagance?
Abbie: Investing my Heart / Feelings (Cheesy, but true! Can't put a price tag on that) on someone who may or may not reciprocate them.

5. Favorite place to shop?
Abbie: Zara, Massimo Dutti, Sephora mostly. Sometimes Topshop, Mango, Stradivarius.

6. Favorite place to eat?
Abbie: The Cheesecake Factory and Texas Roadhouse for now (in the Middle East).
Back home (in the Philippines), Wildflour, The Wholesome Table and Black Sheep!

7. Favorite place to hang out?
Abbie: This is so high school of me to say, but ... My Room! Hahaha! Also TWG or Paul. We don't have Ladurée here yet but one day ... *winks*

8. Favorite word?
Abbie: Right now, it's "Drizzle". I automatically picture drizzling melted butter on anything I eat, and Y U M. Also : "Inspired". It's my current mood these days.

9. Black or white?
Abbie: Both. Not just individually, but also combined (a.k.a. Grey, lol. I love monotones and neutrals so much, I can't pick one!)

10. Feminine or masculine?
Abbie: Both, in all aspects!

11. Early bird or night owl?
Abbie: It depends, I've been both alternately in the past few months. So weird.

12. Favorite fragrance?
Abbie: Tough one. I've been leaning on to three favorites in the past year : YSL'S Black Opium, Chanel's Mademoiselle and of course, Chloe by Chloe (which I've been using since 2008). 

13. Name 3 books that you can read over and over again?
Abbie: Where the Red Fern Grows, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and other concerns), Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban

14. What was one insecurity you had about yourself and what did you do to overcome it?
Abbie: My eyes. I wish I had eyes exactly just like Heart Evangelista's. I'm considering getting Double Eyelid Surgery but Kendall Jenner's voice in my head is like "You don't need all that". She's right, although there's nothing wrong with getting a few things done too, you know? I haven't tried anything in this context though so maybe it's just the excitement of trying something new and bold for the first time that's giving me the drive to actually go through it. So, you can tell that I'm still in the process of *trying* to overcome it - the natural way.

15. Describe yourself in one word?
Abbie: You'd think by now I'd know the answer to this. I don't know yet, but I'm getting there.

16. Who or what inspires you?
Abbie: The fact that I wake up every morning - there is so much inspiration to be drawn from that miracle (that thankfully happens on a daily basis for many years to come), and that we are given a chance to be better, and to do whatever it is we want to do with what we are and will be blessed with.

17. Name 3 (people, things, era, music) that have inspired your personal style?
Abbie: People - I'd say Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo and Heart Evangelista - all have inspired me not to dress exactly like them, but to dress the *way* they do. I don't stick to a particular style (neither do these three, but whenever they wear an outfit, you know it's "who they are"). Although lately I'm into the basics. Color Palette and all. No matter what I wear I always make it a point to think that I should never let my clothes "wear me". 

All photos by Abbie Almasco

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