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22 Oct 2015

Saturday Sessions | 04

I know, I know. It's not a Saturday today but last week was very ... meh plus I was down with something that started out like the flu but was gone in like 2 days ( strange but hey, not complaining). But, this week has been, surprisingly, quite calm. No dramas. No aches of the heart and mind of any kind. Even if things are still quite messy in my life, I am, I guess, still OK.

Yes. Still OK.

Photo from Pinterest

Reading. Currently going through Antonia Fraser's Marie Antoinette: A Journey. Oui. Still obsessed.

Writing. Been very inspired by e.e cummings' poems lately so I have been scribbling phrases here and there that make sense only to me.

Listening. 8 tracks is a godsend. At this very moment I am trying to get into a chill mood in preparation for another lazy weekend so been listening to chillout + relax playlists. Loving an old favorite from Bliss, Kissing.

Thinking. I have been zoning out so much this past few days. Must be pms.

Smelling. Chanel Chance eau Tendre. Krispy Kreme donuts. Heaven.

Wishing. That everything will just fall into place and happiness will follow me all the days of my life.

Hoping. Will I be cyber stoned if I say world peace? I mean it though. I really really do.

Wearing. An Aztec print sundress from Asos that makes my boobs look 5 times bigger. A red cardigan ( to lessen shock value when in the office - yes I wore it to work, it's casual Thursday after all :P ) and cream Valentino lookalike sandals with rose gold studs from Steve Madden.

Loving. Boho chic room decor. The Bohemian way of life. The Urban Outfitters app. Another week, another obsession.

Wanting. As always, for my dreams to come true.

Needing. Mental clarity. More time in the gym (preferably everyday starting tomorrow).

Feeling. Allowing myself to feel a little excited. My girls and I are planning a Euro trip in the spring and Amsterdam is in the lead. Was actually pushing for Positano or Paris but Amsterdam's not so bad, is it? xx


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