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4 Oct 2015

Saturday Sessions | 02

I realize it is not Saturday anymore but yesterday I didn't do j a c k s h * t..

Stayed in bed, in my pajamas, and watched all my favorite childhood movies. All day. I don't regret nuffink.

Reading. I have just finished How to be a Parisian, a light, fun read that made me realize I was probably a Parisian in a former life. Now rereading Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen for like the 158th time. There is something about Sarah Addison Allen books that make me feel as though I have escaped into my dream town.

Writing. I should be writing more to be honest.

Listening. The clackety clack of keyboards all around me, including mine.

Thinking. My mind is one big black hole at the moment. Life is cruel. I am cruel. I am lost.

Smelling. A mix between smog, macadamia oil shampoo and Dolce Gabbana Light Blue.

Wishing. I were someone else. Just for today.

Hoping. For clarity. In every aspect of my life.

Wearing. Black Bershka leggings, a pink Lipsy sweater and black ballet flats.

Loving. I am blanking at this. Right now.

Wanting. To lie down on the floor and weep. To jump off a building and realize I can actually fly. To jump into a plane, destination unknown. To get lost in the streets of Paris. To own and to belong.

Needing. Antidepressants. A full body massage. Lots of yummy food.

Feeling. Like a complete and utter fool.

I do hope next week will be better.

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