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10 Oct 2015

Saturday Sessions | 03

I am currently sat at a cafe, feeling a little lethargic, having just inhaled a Cubano (sandwich not a man).

A little bit of mochaccino, a little bit of people watching, a little bit of just enjoying the cultural melting pot that is all around me. Times like this when I love living here. And that is very rare for me to say.

Reading. A whole lot of fashion and lifestyle blogs but I am currently enjoying, stalking, Marianna Hewitt's blog, Lifewithme.com. I find myself now more inclined towards fashion and lifestyle. Hmmm.

Writing. Random thoughts about life and wants and hopes and fears and dreams. In my work  notepad, which, I think, is not a very good idea, since said notepad is left casually at my work desk. 24 hours. 7 days a week. (Mental note: take home notepad)

Listening. To the din and clatter of cutlery and clinking cups. Different voices and different accents. It is super noisy here at the moment, probably not a good idea for anyone wanting to write or work but hey, it is the weekend after all. 

Thinking. 1. I need to clean my flat. STAT. 
                  2. I need to sort my clothes out and take pictures of ones I want to sell.
                  3. In order for me to do 1 and 2, I need to get to leave this comfy couch and get off my bum and get to work.

Smelling. My mochaccino breath coupled with Cubano burps. 

Wishing. I was 10 lbs thinner. (The Cubano probably wasn't a good idea, but oh well)

Hoping. To have more energy and determination this week. I need to get my shit back on track.

Wearing. A green floral boho dress I found scouring vintage dresses on Ebay, cream Steve Madden sandals with rose gold studs, Quay cat's eye sunglasses and a whole lot of Jo Malone Wild Bluebell (I don't think my deodorant is working today so...).

Loving. Instagram. 

Wanting. More. Always wanting more.

Needing. A trip to Paris.

Feeling. Like a pretentious hick trying to blog at a cafe. Yes. I am strange like that. :P

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