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30 Oct 2015

Friday's 10 happy things | vol 1


So I've jumped into the bandwagon as well and whyever not?  I need me some happiness in my life. 

Don't we all?

1. Getting through this week. It's not so much that I had a lot to do but these days there's been just so many things in my head. Things I'd rather not talk about. Things I wish I could just forget. And it weighs on me, makes my days seem rather heavy. Maybe I'm mildly depressed, who knows. But yes, I'm thankful I've come out still breathing. Barely, but still breathing.

2. Sunflowers. Because sun + flowers = duh. :)

3. Snapchat. Getting funny snaps from my friend Les in the UK always makes me smile or piss my pants laughing or makes  me want to fuckeverythingandmovetoBritain.

4. Instax Share SP-1 printer by  Fujifilm. I am obsessed I tell you. I have gone through 4 packs of film in the course of two days. And each film pack costs 40AED. FML. ( Why do I feel like there's a lot of swearing in this post? haha). This prints out credit card sized instant photos taken from your wifi enabled smartphone, tablet or camera. I love it because although I do love the Instax mini cam and Instax 210 wide, there's always this element of uncertainty of how your photos will come out but with this you pick and choose whatever it is you want to print out and then you print to your heart's content. Well, until you run out of film (and moolah). Dear reader, if you don't have this yet, I suggest you run and get yourself one. You won't regret nothing.

5. Grimm. Season 5 starts in approximately 16 hours and I CANNOT WAIT!!

6. Project No 5. By chance or by fate, us 5 girls were grouped together in the farthest corner of the office a couple of months ago and we had our own little nook, a corner office if you will. We are all different as can be - a Barbiedoll from Sheffield, UK; Angeline Jolie's Egyptian doppelganger; a Canadian Iranian sweetheart; an Indian rajkumari and of course, little old me. Who knew we would get along so well? 

7. Pickles and green olives.  All day errday.

8. Making new friends. Abbie Almasco, I'm looking at you! xx

Photo from Stylebysophia's Instagram
9. Urban Outfitters. Yes, they're a little, ok, ok, a LOT overpriced and having to have them shipped all the way from the US to here is a b*tch but after seeing Sophia Elizabeth's Instagram and her newly revamped gypsy den, I just had to have the exact same tapestry. In love. Also, quite digging her new edgier, tattooed self. Inspo material right there.

10. Kitty kisses.  Every morning. It's always the little things that make me the happiest.

What are you thankful for today?

This is a blog link up from @HelgaTheWeber which I first heard about from @AbbieAlmasco (thank you for starting such a beautiful chain reaction) xx


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  1. You're such a Sweetheart!!! Loving your entries!!!! <3 <3 <3


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