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26 Sep 2015

Just Be


Hello my lovelies.

I've been away for awhile. A long while but I'm back now and I've revamped my blog a little. I've merged my two blogs into this one just because I felt it would be better for my peace of mind. One place for all my thoughts, my dreams, my reviews and occasional rants (maybe).

I have been through so much this year. Still trying to get back on my feet really.

I still love makeup and anything to do with beauty as much as ever but ... I've also come to realize that I have let acquiring material things consume me in the past year and I am trying to rectify that. I've somehow forgotten how to enjoy the other things that brought me joy, like reading. Photography. Baking. Conversations with phones tucked away in purses. Don't get me wrong, I still have massive wish lists.. But I'll try to be a good girl. I actually need to let go of some of my stuff. Especially if I have to move this November.

Thank you to Hanna Beth and Abbie Almasco, both whom have inspired me to start a blog all those years ago and for inspiring me to write again. Today.


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