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17 May 2015


Sweetness comes and kisses are full
of the taste of pomegranates
ripe, red, rosy
like your lips.

I am kissing you back
with the fervent urgency of the
rising sun
and your dark pools
drown me
and I am once again the goddess of your eyes.

Intoxicating yellow vivid ocean
of the love deepening
to unfathomable depths of infatuation...
could this be true?

I am as certain
as your hands that follow and colour
my shivering, cold body, and you warm me
with your purple honey
kisses dripping
silvery blue glitter
heady as I am slowly
sweltering water where I am floating within
your realm of dark smiling reality

Breathe then bathe in me

clothe yourself with my vanilla essence
gilt edged, rough, musk and cigarette smoke smelling

can you feel me?

scatter the black and pink flowers we lay upon
sprinkle the fairy dust and tie me down with spun gold
I will swallow the moon
and you hold me as we both fall to the
disturbing calm
of sleepiness and wakefulness ...

that thing you know,
after making love.

- written October 13, 2002, all rights reserved to the Author
photo from Tumblr

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