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23 Mar 2015

An excerpt from "Soul Mates"

He watched her as she walked past his desk and sat on hers, which was incidentally, right across from his. A faint whisper of Chanel No 5 settled in the air as she leaned to turn on her desk top. He inhaled deeply.

“Oh hi Sasha!” She exclaims, looking somewhat surprised to see him.

He looks into her eyes and smiles. “You seem surprised,” he says, his deep blue eyes twinkling.

“Oh I am usually alone at this time of the morning, everyone comes in at half past 8 or so,” she said, nose wrinkling a bit as she does, which he found very endearing.

That is exactly why he was there early. Because she was there and he could have her all to himself for a few precious minutes each day before everyone else took up her time and attention. She came into his life, much like a day like this. He can still remember the first time he saw her, 4 months ago. He remembers it so vividly, what she wore (white cashmere sweater that looked so soft he almost stroked it as he shook her hand when they were being introduced, brown pants and camel colored boots), how she smelled (Chanel No 5 and vanilla wafers), her shy smile, the firm handshake she had and how she greeted everyone in the office by name, making them feel special from the get go. He remembers the excitement he felt when he found out that she was taking the desk directly across from him. He remembers her eyes, that although they looked genuinely happy, sitting across from her that first day, he caught glimpses of darkness beneath the cheerful glimmer; when all he could see as he looked into her eyes was a swirling black sea. ‘Was she in pain?” he asked himself, a little worried. Her eyes were welling up but she blinked them back just in time and look down for a long moment before she looked up again. He watched her stealthily the whole day, a little worried, very intrigued, dangerously attracted. She was absolutely ecstatic for the rest of the day, her enthusiasm rubbing off on the others, making the office seem bright and happy even when it was dark and pouring outside. There was no hint of the terrible sadness he had glimpsed earlier that day that he now sometimes thinks he must have just imagined it. Everyone, including him, seemed to have fallen in love with her.

 Oh yes, he remembers the first day she came into his life because it was the day after his engagement.

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