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14 Feb 2015

My Favourite Words

When I was much, much younger (the year was 1999 to be more precise) I used to always have a journal/scrapbook. I even had one custom made. It had a sky blue cardboard cover and a gazillion unlined pages - unlined so I can draw on it if I wished. I forgot about it for a while. Life happened, a bit painfully. Daydreams were let go, like balloons. I forgot how to draw. I forgot how to write really. I forgot how to paint pretty pictures with my words.

The last time I was home though, I found my journal. All stained and tatty, some pages torn out but still my journal all the same. I realized something as I was rifling through the pages, reminiscing, reliving, memories tumbling out. I realized that most of the pages were blank. Only about a quarter of the journal was filled up - with words, collages made up of magazine cut outs, oil pastel drawings of sunsets, film photographs, my feeble attempts at poetry - but the rest were empty. It seemed as though life stopped abruptly for me all those years ago. My last entry hinted at things yet to come but the pages after it were utterly blank.

 Ready for me to mar them once more with my words, my thoughts, my deeds.

Come  ride with me.

In the first page of my beloved blue journal was a computer printout of my favourite words and also, my favourite things. Font used was Century Gothic. I was very much into romantic tragedies then, lost in the bedazzling swirls of color and Leo Dicaprio's eyes in Baz Lurhmann's Romeo and Juliet, so it probably comes across as you read on.

Love. Stars. Risks. Petals. Dreams. Hopes. Desires. Songs. Voices. Sunsets. Cold beer. The Ocean. Escape. Black Roses. Tears. Angels. Poems. Vampires. Moonlight. Coming home. cigarettes. Grunge. Angeldust. Goth. Royalty. Fairies. Broken dolls. Childhood. Butterflies. Lust. Suicide. Sacred Heart. schizophrenia. peace. Empathy. Rockstars. Fantasy. wings. halos. Womb. Daisies. Sweet. Embrace. Glitter. Hole. Speed. Practical Magic. Hippies. Photographs. memories. Pomegranates. Endless Love. Camomile tea. SevenTeen. Gypsy. Twizzlers. Guitar. Rodin. dusk. Vanilla. Lipstick. blue. Cotton Candy. Turquoise. Mediterranean. Cherries. Laughter. Lilies. Strawberries. Sandalwood. Carmine. water. Ecstasy. Freedom. Earth Air Fire Water. Utopia. Champagne. Romance. Slut. Death. Liebe. Tragedy. Pain. craziness. Blood. Creation. Making love. Infinity. Erotic. Now. obsession. Sin. Hearts. Dark. I miss you. Kisses. rainbows. Angels. misery. Happiness. Summer. perfection. Inspire. trip. Eternity. Burn. end. Reality. illusion. wildflowers. Never. Interrupted. Need. MAC. Flamenco. 17. 401. nothingness. oblivion. Bliss. Danger. honey. burgundy. Envy. Nearness. Eternal. Broken flowers.


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