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14 Feb 2015

Muse | Drew Barrymore

Something Drew Barrymore wrote in her journal in a New York bar, December 1996:

I don't think I'm smart. I believe I aspire to be evolved. But I do like to be alone, and smoke and write. All my favorite writers smoked, drank and talked dirty. They usually have a tortured heart, because that's when the creative flows are the most fluid. I am in my own world a lot of the time, but little compared to the amount of myself I give. Sometimes I am thinking: Fuck off - only to the person who has horns for an aura, the demeanor of hell and the charm of smelly vomit. There are people in the universe who will not - and I don't know why - get along or have their energy agree. So just walk away respecting individuality, kiss it off as they say, because, if anything, kisses - even to the air - are beautiful.

Taken from US Magazine March 1997 special issue "The New Young Hollywood" with Drew on the cover, one of my most favorite issues and interviews of all time.

I used to be the biggest Drew fan there ever was. I still love her, don't get me wrong. But the '90s with the daisy wreaths, the matte red lipstick, the grunge music and combat boots and Drew in all her kooky but Lolita-esque glory was the height of my, dare I even say it, obsession. Mad Love, Best Men, Never Been Kissed. Wishful Thinking. That obsession shaped my 16 year old self to be into e.e cummings, matte reds, polaroids, cigarettes and daisies. Drew is THE original wildchild. One who has also found redemption which I think is just plain awesome. Not many wild child(ren) can say that about themselves, especially the shams who pepper Hollywood nowadays.  My most favourite Drew movie of all time would have to be Mad Love. I saw myself so much in her character, Casey. Depressed but looking up into the sun. Desperate but loved. Angry but all soft underneath. Misunderstood. Caged. Yet that somehow made her even more free. 

I like to think I have found my own redemption now, 33 years into existence. But who knows really, there is always redemption in the morning anyhow.

Always remember
Butterflies are free!!!

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