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11 Feb 2015

Kuumba Made Persian Garden perfume oil

My current obsession with Shay Mitchell's style (and life!) has introduced me to this beautiful little concoction. She mentioned in one of her interviews that her favourite perfume of all time is only $10 and can be found at Whole Foods.  Sold! Since there is no Whole Foods in Dubai (why?!),  I promptly went on www.kuumbamade.com and got myself a couple of bottles. I must say though, Shop and Ship is a godsend for those of us living here. Not even a week later and I had these tiny bottles of gorgeousness in my hands.

But how to describe it really? It definitely does not smell like something Persian (think oud infused headiness) or anything like a garden. No greens, no dewdrops on flower petals, no fresh zing-iness that one would associate with anything that has "garden" in their name. It smells, for lack of a better analogy, like clean skin. Clean, soft, smooth smelling musk with the tiniest whisper of honey. In their website , Kuumba Made describes Persian Garden as "grounded, smooth, very light and clean with a hint of mystery". Exactly right but I would change the word mystery into sexuality because this scent is definitely sexy. One would need to lean in close, very close, in order to smell it. And when he (or she) does, all they would want to do is keep sniffing and sniffing (I know because I tested it out hehe). Hmmmm. I wonder if they included some sort of pheromone in this, I must investigate. The only downside to this is, the scent fades in an hour or so and you can't really smell it on yourself anymore but others still do so  - it is one of those ghost scents that seemingly disappears but is, in reality, just sitting on your skin, waiting for that perfect moment to unleash its captivating intensity.

Kuumba Made is a company based in Tucson, Arizona, USA who specializes in nature derived perfume oils, bath and spa products. 

They can be found at most health food stores and holistic shops across the United States. Kuumba Made is unfortunately not available in Dubai or the UK yet but fingers crossed that will change soon. For now, we here in the Middle East can order them from their website, www.kuumbamade.com.

Products were purchased on my own


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