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11 Oct 2014

Weekend Haul

I had run out of my face cleansing staple - Philosophy's Purity cleanser - so a trip to the mall was in order. I thought to myself, 'I knew what I needed and all I had to do was pop in and pop out right'? Oh, I popped out allright. And with more than just a cleanser. Who else has the same problem? :)

Sure I got the cleanser, and this size (480ml) lasts me a good three to four months. This is the only cleanser that removes  e v e r y  single thing from your face. Waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner, long lasting lip colours, you name it, Philosophy will wash it all away. All that's left is a clean, fresh bare face that does not feel taut and dry. And I am pretty sure that you'll all agree with me that that feels amazing after a looong day.

Also, in the spirit of Autumn (and Thanksgiving and Halloween and all things nice and cosy), I got myself their Pumpkin Pie shower gel. It was either this or the Gingerbread and although that too smells amazeballs, this won me over in the end. Pumpkin pie nirvana.

Let me tell you, the beauty advisor for Philosophy in Sephora Dubai Mall is good.

She convinced me to buy two items instead of just the one which I needed. How? She dangled this gift with purchase in front of me.

I am such a sucker.

Travel sizes (a good sized travel sizes at that) of their most popular products: The Purity cleanser (woohoo), Hope in a Jar moisturiser, Amazing Grace body lotion and an ample sized sample of their Microdelivery Peel. Perfect. As I will be traveling very soon, just what I needed. The last time I traveled I lugged the medium sized Purity cleanser with me and even that is still quite large.

A little sushi and a little pumpkin spice latte (yes guys, they've been serving it again here in good ol Dubai yeay! Don't forget to ask for extra squirts of pumpkin spice) later, I somehow found myself wandering the beauty shops once again and came out with these…


1. My cat broke my Mary-LouManizer and I needed a replacement. (True story)
2. Tanya Burr raved about Estee Lauder's Antique Gold cream shadow and mentioned it was limited edition so I had to grab it when I saw it. (One instance where I am quite glad that Dubai gets collections very very late is that we can still have time to grab limited edition items.)
3. Mario Dedivanovic swears by Smashbox's matte bronzers and I have been into subtle contouring as of late. He and Kim K actually use Suntan Matte but it is sold out EVERYWHERE in Dubai so I opted for Sunkissed Matte as an alternative of which stocks are also slowly but surely dwindling.
4. It was pretty. It looks pretty on me. And the name's Ima GoodKisser. Need I say more?

L - R: Suntan Matte, Ima GoodKisser, Antique Gold
Bobbi Brown also has a cream shadow called Antique Gold and although I have only seen it in pictures, it looks quite similar to the Estee Lauder one (aside from already sharing the same moniker). So if the Estee Lauder one is discontinued in your area, Bobbi Brown would probably be a good dupe (if not better, but I have yet to see and swatch so please don't take my word for it yet.)

Going to the mall during the weekends here in Dubai summed up in one word is CRAZY. But even though Dubai Mall was jampacked, my friend Maria and I still worked our way through the throng to have some drinks at Karma Cafe and watch the Dubai Mall fountain show.

5 years and counting and it still takes my breath away.

Maria and I at Souq al Bahar


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