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25 Oct 2014

Brand in Focus: Illamasqua

I was a little bit stumped as to what to call this blog post and then it hit me.

Why not do a blog post focusing on a particular brand? And so Brand in Focus is born. (I am pretty sure I am not the first one to think this up so big shout out to whoever came up with this.)

I received a few items from Illamasqua last week and although I haven't had the chance to properly play around with them yet, they have come out today for a little impromptu photo shoot.

1. Vintage Metallix cream eyeshadow in Bibelot - a grayish olive green cream with gold flecks

2. Powder blusher in Naked Rose - a matte dusty pink shade reminiscent of Mac's Well Dressed blush

3. Lipstick in Box - as inspired by makeup artist Alex Box, a deep dark blood red 

4. Sheer lipgloss in Opulent - one of those colours that has a million different colours in it - pink, gold, silver and flecks of purplish blue - perfect for transforming drab lipcolours into red carpet ready looks

I cannot wait to play around with these goodies, especially the shadow and the blush. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with cream eyeshadows - I want to love them, they seem to hate me - and I am fervently hoping that this could be a winner.

As for the blush, I have high hopes for Naked Rose since blushes were the first ever Illamasqua makeup that I have tried and loved.

Top - Hussy (yes I know), a corally pink satin that brightens up your face like a sunbeam, looks amazing with a tan.

Bottom - Morale, pink violet swathed in golden shimmer. Shimmers in blush? I am so there.

Both bought at the height of summer, although I am not really a big believer of categorizing colours by season so wear them whenever and wherever I say! :)

FOTDs coming right up!

What are your favourite Illamasqua products? Suggestions welcome.

Disclaimer: All products received gratis from Illamasqua except for the blushes Hussy and Morale which I bought at Harvey Nichols, Dubai Mall :)

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