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7 Oct 2014

Sleek Blush by 3 blush palette in Lace

Now I do know this palette has been reviewed a million times over but this has been one of my go to favourites this past month - the month I have been hoarding blushes like they were going extinct - and I can definitely see why this particular palette has been a firm favourite amongst bloggers and beauty fanaticos alike.

The three shades, Crochet, Guipure and Chantilly all fall into the salmon peachy pink category which for my skin tone, MAC NC30 to NC35 for reference, gives the best healthy glow/flush.

Crochet is a bright pumpkin orange colour, quite matte in the pan but once swatched you can see there is a bit of a sheen just enough to stop it from looking flat on the skin.

Guipure, which by definition is a heavy lace consisting of embroidered motifs held together by large connecting stitches (Reiss has a lovely post on it, here), is hands down my favourite of the three. A shimmery peach pink with barely there gold flecks, it reminds me of NARS Orgasm ( a LOT of blushes remind me of NARS Orgasm teehee) but slighty peachier, a tad bit more pigmented and just absolutely perfect.

Chantilly, a deep apricot with red undertones, albeit bright on the pan, is the more subdued colour out of the three. I know it probably does not make sense but you have to see it  and swatch it to understand what I mean. Like Crochet, it looks matte in the pan but once applied gives of a bit of a sheen.

All colours are very pigmented, as all Sleek blushes are and application is a breeze - a light hand and a good blush brush are essential. (I am partial to the Real Techniques blush brush at the moment.) This palette is perfect to travel with, giving you three different shades to match a wide variety of makeup looks.

I cannot wait to try out more Sleek blushes and of course the rest of their makeup range are sadly not available here in Dubai, although there are a couple of Middle East online retailers that sell them but they charge triple of what they actually cost in the UK. Naughty naughty. What I do is buy them online directly from Superdrug or Boots and have them shipped via Shop and Ship. I am mentally kicking myself for not picking up more Sleek makeup whilst I was in the UK a couple of months ago, and I can clearly remember standing in front of the Sleek counter when I was in (get this) not one but two Boots stores. Arghhh. Well, I am hoping to travel to the UK again very soon and I will make sure to pick up more makeup items from Sleek.

What blushes are you loving at the moment? :)


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  1. Wow! pretty colors ❤️ I feel you! I regret not getting Sleek makeup when I was in London.


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