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9 Oct 2014

Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit

It seems almost pointless to write about a product that has been released the year before, even more so if that particular product is limited edition but how can I not write about a fragrance that I have fallen so deeply in love with?

Jo Malone London - the brainchild and creation of Jo Malone, who as a child in Bexleyheath, Kent,  created perfumes with flowers from her garden mixed with grated Camay soap - a brand that is coveted by so many, has released a limited edition in Spring 2013 aptly named "Sugar and Spice".

There were 5 dessert inspired fragrances created by perfumer Christine Nagel for the house of Jo Malone. There were Elder flower and Gooseberry, Lemon Tart, Redcurrant and Cream, Bitter Orange and Chocolate (I am still on the hunt for this one) and of course, Ginger Biscuit. They were all sold out in a week, around the world. And of course I missed out.

I scoured the internet for a good deal and there are prices on Ebay that could possibly induce high blood pressure in some people. 300 US dollars, really? I finally scored a sweet deal with a lovely Ebayer and within days had my very own bottle of Ginger Biscuit. Side note: There is something so posh about Jo Malone fragrances no? It's not just about the hefty price tag, there's a certain classiness and Brit sophistication that exudes from the brand and hence conveys itself to the wearer. But I digress.

With notes of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and tonka bean topped off with toasted hazelnuts and caramel what is there not to love?! It smells just like ginger cookies only a tad sweeter and softer, I make my ginger cookies spicier so maybe that's just me. Maybe if they added some cloves and allspice notes into the mix there would have been more of a bite, like say for example, Pomegranate Noir has. But again, that's just me. Sweet or spicy, I love it to bits and use it quite sparingly although funnily enough, I like spritzing it on right before I sleep - there is something so comforting and warm and cuddly about smelling like cookies, caramel, vanilla, a whole bakery. And if you know me well, you would know I absolutely adore smelling like a walking bakeshop, I do.

Incidentally, I have had a week off from work (because of Eid Al Adha holidays) and I have been baking up a storm (and nearly burnt my flat down too). The cookies you see in the photos are actual ginger cookies I had baked just 30 minutes ago and I promptly used them as props for this blogpost and yes, they taste quite nice too, thank you.

This could very well be a shot in the dark, but hopefully Jo Malone will re-release the Sugar and Spice collection or even just Ginger Biscuit (and maybe Bitter Orange and Chocolate too please), like they sometimes do with their more popular scents. Pretty please Jo Malone, with demerera sugar and am M&M on top?


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