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20 Sep 2014

Essence Cosmetics Cookies and Cream Collection LE

Hello cupcakes!

I have mentioned in my previous blogpost that in my search for this particular makeup collection that I will be talking about right now I had somehow come to accumulate more than I had bargained for blushwise but who am I to complain right? :)

I finally have in my possession the Essence Cosmetics Cookies and Cream collection, particularly the blush, which might I add, started this whole blush and highlighter craze.

I was browsing @juliasallure's page and I came upon a photo where she was wearing a blush and highlighter combo that made her look like she was glowing from within. Now I do understand that makeup is only a part of the whole look, Julia by herself is already ethereal but I just knew I had to have the blush (and highlighter which was Kiko Cosmetics water eyeshadow in 208, said to be a MAC Cosmetics Whisper of Gilt dupe). I searched every store that carried Essence Cosmetics in Dubai. (Yes, EVERY store.)

My final stop was the Avenue store in Burdubai (opposite Burjuman Mall). Massive Essence display but the collection they were currently showing at that time was that of the World Cup but I refused to give up so I googled and researched and finally reached Essence Cosmetics' distributor in the Middle East which is Multiplex International LLC. No one can tell me that I am not relentless. 3 days, 2 emails and a phone call later, I had the entire Cookies and Cream collection in my hands. It turns out that they had received the collection late so instead of releasing it here in the UAE in May, when all the other Middle East countries release theirs, they decided to release it for winter, so do keep an eye out for it in October/November. But here's a little secret, they have it on display at the Exquisite outlet in Al Nahda, Sharjah. Shhhh.

The collection consists of 3 neutral eyeshadows, a blush, highlighting pearls, 2 lipglosses, 2 nail polishes, 2 eye pencils, 2 nail polish shades and 2 hand creams, but I passed on the hand creams.

L- R- Macaron, Ce'st Bon and Be my Cookie Monster 
Most of the items were matching so some items had the same shade names. Going along with the whole Cookies and Cream theme, they had cutesy baked goods names.

L - R: Macaron, C'est Bon and Be my Cookie Monster

Macaron, C'est Bon is a pale peach with pink pearl. Sort of reminds me of an old, old favourite from MAC, I am not quite sure if you remember it but it was the one from their long discontinued Lip Lacquer collection, Polly Vinyl it was called.

Be my Cookie Monster is a very very pale milky white with pink pearlescent microshimmer. Upon application, there was a a faint scent of caramel but fades once on the lips.

Both lipglosses are quite sheer and light on the lips, perfect for layering over lipsticks and lip pencils.

Blush in Cakepop, That's Top
Ah, this blush. Isn't it gorgeous? A baked blush, very pigmented, requires a light hand in application else you'd have bright apricot cheeks. Applied lightly and blended well, this blush gives the perfect just-had-a-little romp sort of flush. This is NARS Orgasm's cousin without the shimmer and with more pigment. And the name, Cakepop, That's Top. So cute. Thank you Julia for introducing me to this! ♡

L: Cakepop, That's Top swatched R: Cakepop, That's Top blended
One Sweet Day micro shimmer pearl
This one disappointed me a little. It looked quite promising in its cute little tub, forget the dishwashing sponge like applicator - chuck it out - but once swatched, the colour barely even showed. 

L: So Hot, Donut Top: Last Night a Cookie Saved my Life Bottom: Macaron, C'est Bon

These baked eyeshadows are buttery, silky and a breeze to apply, even with fingers! Being baked, they are, like the blush, quite pigmented and lasts a whole work day without touch ups.

So Hot, Donut is a light bronzy shade perfect as an all over wash. It is similar to MAC's Woodwink without the reddish undertones.

Last Night a Cookie Save my Life is a brown, taupey shade that is best used as a crease colour.

Macaron, C'est Bon is a pale, princessy pink that is coul work as both a highlight and as an all over wash of colour.

All shadows are shimmery.

L - R: So Hot, Donut, Last Night a Cookie Saved my Life, Macaron C'est Bon
L - R: Last Night a Cookie Saved my Life and Yummy, Yummy
The jumbo eye pencils on the other hand are quite matte and would work well as a base for layering other colours/shadows on top. I have yet to try these out.

L - R: Last Night a Cookie Saved my Life and Yummy, Yummy

All in all, I would definitely recommend this collection especially the blush and the eyeshadows. And for 14 - 26 AED (3 - 5£/ 4 - 7$) a pop,  it can't be beat! 

Essence Cosmetics can be found in all Ansar Mall and Ansar Galleries outlets, Exquisite Stores and select superstores in the UAE.

Special Thanks to Sunita Menezes and Anusha of  Multiplex INTL LLC.

All products were bought with my own hard earned moolah. :)


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