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14 Sep 2014

DMGM Cosmetics Luminous Cheek Blush

I have been on a serious blush and highlighter bender these past few weeks. Every makeup purchase I have done recently involved 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4) blushes.

There is only one person to blame. Julia, or @Juliasallure on Instagram. She is by far, the most beautiful Instaguru I have ever come across on Instagram. She literally just glows. And her makeup? Flawless. Seamless. Impeccable. And even when she does, in fact, the whole shebang (foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, blush, lashes, lipliner and all), she still looks absolutely natural. She also has a blog, which is one of my faves. One more thing that I love about her is her passion for high quality but inexpensive makeup. I must say, I could be quite the makeup snob sometimes, but seeing Julia utilise brands such as Jordana Cosmetics, Essence Cosmetics and Kiko Cosmetics has me rethinking my makeup choices.

Hence I found myself literally grabbing these blushes as I was hunting for such cosmetics as mentioned previously one hot sunny Dubai afternoon right after work.

DMGM Cosmetics.

Found in Ansar Mall, Ansar Galleries, and select superstores like Lifestyle and Exquisite, I never paid much attention to this brand until a few weeks ago, when I was on the hunt for Essence Cosmetics (that calls for another blogpost), I came upon this brand. Made in Italy but is locally owned, these blushes remind me of a cross between MAC and NARS with the price point of Maybelline. Not a bad combination, huh? As you can see from the swatch photos below, (forgive me for the quality, the sun was setting, and I had to play around with the flash), these blushes are definitely pigmented although not glaringly so. After all, isn't that what we want from a blush? :)

Each blush retails for 53 AED a pop. For comparison (give or take a few dirhams), 1 MAC blush is equal to 2 DMGM blushes. Think about that.

Gold Pink is like MAC's Well Dressed blush on steroids sprinkled with a healthy dose of shimmer. Swatched it gives off an icy pink vibe with silver and gold flecks.

Coral Passion was the one that almost eluded me. In the first shop that I visited they were out of stock and this was what I most wanted (isn't it always?). When I found it in the next shop they only had 1 left and I grabbed it of course. This was the only one without noticeable shimmer, in fact, it looks quite matte,  but on the skin this glows like silk. Peachy pink silk.

Bronze Pink will be perfect for tan skin, on the skin it a cinnamon pink with gold very very tiny shimmer flecks.

Pearly Pink is a frosty light pink, think MAC's Dame with a silvery sheen. This, like Dame, would be perfect for just hit the slopes kind of flush.

From left to right - Gold Pink, Coral Passion, Bronze Pink and Pearly Pink, with flash
From left to right - Gold Pink, Coral Passion, Bronze Pink and Pearly Pink without flash

Aren't they lovely? I for one, am so glad that there are cosmetics brands out there that do not sacrifice quality even though their price points are very, very low affordable. In this day and age of excess, the vast majority of makeup wearers still adhere to a budget when makeup shopping and brands like DMGM Cosmetics make quality makeup available to everyone.

DMGM Cosmetics are available in all Ansar Gallery and Ansar Mall outlets across the UAE, they are also available in select Exquisite and Lifestyle stores.

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