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7 Aug 2014

The Lip Product Tag

One of my favourite beauty bloggers (Laura!) has inspired me to do this tag and being the lipstick junkie that I am, how can I resist?

Yes, this is my entire MAC lipstick collection and yes, I know I have a problem

Favourite balm or treatment?

Hands down, Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream. Sure it smells a tad bit like petrol and the colour is that of stale vaseline but nothing else comes close to moisturising my lips for hours on end. Well, maybe Vaseline's Lip Therapy with Rose and Almond oil comes in as a close second.

Best eye catching red?

Makeup Forever's Moulin Rouge. Sure, there's your MAC Ruby Woo and Russian Red, Dior's Rouge Bingo and Dolce Vita, Guerlain's Exces De Rouge but Moulin Rouge comes out on top for me. Everyone stops to ask me what I'm wearing and a couple of people even have the audacity to borrow it, when they see me reapplying (in the washrooms, mind you, and no, I don't lend out my lipsticks).

Borrowing a page from Laura's tag, she also included her favorite brights so I might as well make some special mentions:

1. YSL Rouge Volupte 27 Rose Paris - bright tropical salmon pink/orange pink/red orange/hard to explain but lovely lovely lovely
2. YSL Rouge Volupte 8 Fetish Pink - ah the name says it all. It's soft and in your face all at the same time.
3. Maybelline's Electric Orange - I never thought I'd say neon orange and pretty in the same sentence.
4. MAC Lady Danger, Candy YumYum, Pinkfringe - I could go on and on. For every 5 MAC lipsticks there's bound to be a beautiful bright shining star. Just go check your local MAC counter.

Favourite Pink Lipstick

Good grief. I have so many, seeing as to pink is my favourite lipcolour. How do I do this?

Out of the 48,000 pink lipcolours that I love, these are my top three, sorry four:

1. Makeup Forever 32 - YLBB kind of pink,  I swear
2. Bobbi Brown Bikini Pink - soft muted pink that somehow brightens up the face
3. Again, YSL Rouge Volupte 8 Fetish Pink - I go through tubes and tubes of this stuff
4. YSL Rouge Pur Couture 59 Golden Melon - Pink and gold frost always always melts me (close dupe to the discontinued MAC Dainty Cake, one of my favourite lipsticks of all time)

Favourite Nude Lipstick

I like MAC Angel but I have to do quite a lot with it (i.e. liner, gloss) for it to work for me, by itself it washes me out like crazy. I have to say, Bobbi Brown's Pale Pink, even if it says PINK is actually a nudey pink on me and it is beautiful for skintones like mine (not light, not dark washed out) :)

Best Luxury Lipstick

Tom Ford's Blush Nude which looked awesome on me when I was tanned, but now not so much.

Best MAC Lipstick

Seriously? Just one? MAC lipstick is what got me hooked on makeup. Without MAC lipstick I wouldn't be here typing this, I'd probably be - who knows what I could be doing? Ok, if I could pick only one MAC lipstick EVER, it would have to be MAC's Dainty Cake from the 2005 High Tea collection which of course they made just one time. Damn you MAC!!! Bring back Dainty Cake!!!

Favourite gloss

As of the moment I am currently loving Givenchy's Pop Gloss Crystal 416 which is a muted fuchsia with blue shimmer. Amazeballs.

Favourite Spring/Summer Shade

It's currently a toss up between two MAC shades - Flamingo and Impassioned. Both peachy pink. Both beautiful in the sun.

Favourite Autumn/Winter Shade

The 90's inspired Kylie Jenner lip colour - nude pink lipliner with Revlon's Mauve it Over or Mac's Twig

Lip liner: Yes or No?

Yes, if the lipstick/makeup look calls for it and if I have the time to muck around my lips but most of the time, I am rushing so scratch that.

That was fun! :) What are your favourite lip products?


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