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9 Aug 2014

Brand in Focus: Gabriel Cosmetics

I am far from being an environmentally conscious, acai bowl munching, herbal tea swigging (wait, I do that), save the animals warrior, coconut oil worshipping earth goddess.

But I do like to try.

I have never heard of Gabriel Cosmetics until one of my absolute favourite Youtube gurus, Kassie spoke about them in a couple of her videos. They are not available anywhere in Dubai - I looked - and they are pretty difficult to get ahold of online as well. As I was on a healthfood bender a couple of weeks back (scouring Luckyvitamin.com for raw maca powder, spirulina powder, sandalwood oil, kombucha tea, magic soaps - the works!), I saw that they also sold Gabriel Cosmetics. I promptly added two lipsticks and a blush into my overflowing (as I liked to imagine) virtual shopping cart.

Gabriel DeSantino first introduced his vegan and gluten free skincare range, simply named Gabriel Skincare, in 1992. Using 100% all natural ingredients, like plant oils, botanical extracts and sea derived minerals, it wasn't long before he branched out into what are now known as Gabriel Cosmetics, Zuzu Luxe and Clean Kids Naturally. You can read more about Gabriel Cosmetics here.

It is also one of the most pigmented cosmetics line that I have ever tried. Seriously. One swipe of the lipstick in the morning, no touch ups AT ALL throughout the day and when I wash my face at night, there's still a faint but pretty stain on my lips. Did I mention that they were super moisturising? And fragrance free? Well, Sheer Pink carried the very faint scent of roses, but hey, I'm not complaining.

Sheer Pink is a blue based pink with the faintest hint of shimmer, it kind of reminds me of Mac's frost lipsticks.  At first application it is a little bright on the lips but as it wears on it melds wonderfully into lips that have just been beautifully (insert whatever and wherever your imagination takes you).

Santa Fe is a sunset hued red brick. Now this one is comparable to a Mac glaze formula. On the lips it turns a little dark but I think that's just my skin tone's reaction. Wear is forever, I'm telling you.

As for the blush, (Gabriel Apricot), that's another blogpost entirely.

Have you tried any Gabriel Cosmetics? Let me know your favourites.


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