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7 Aug 2014

Feed the Obsession | Face Mists

Sure it's just water. Scented water, I'll give you that but I am a sucker for face mists.

I came across Heritage Store's Lavender water by chance, scouring Lucky Vitamin for herbal tea and pit pastes (yes, pit paste). As it was en route to me from Florida to Dubai, I saw Kate Upton's Instagram and she posted a photo of her summer essentials and this exact brand of Lavender Water is one of her favourites. Score! Fangirling and twinsies aside, it is a refreshing and relaxing mist - just a soft hint of lavender - no assaulting of the senses here. Heritage Store also claim that the plants and herbs they use are free from harmful pesticides thereby creating safer and cleaner products. Their mists are also used in meditation and rituals. I hereby recommend spraying liberally every 10 seconds.

Caudalie's Beauty Elixir left my wallet noticeably lighter (wayyy lighter). 215 dirhams for 30mil! FML.

I bought it because :

1. As said above, I am a sucker for face mists.
2. Victoria Beckham swore by the stuff.
3. I am a sucker. Period.

It smelt very herbal, like dried grape leaves and such, but I like to think that all the vitamins, minerals and schminerals were doing my skin a world of good. I used up half the bottle whilst tanning so I could not really give a profound review but my face did not get sunburnt so I guess that's a good thing.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is by far, my favourite. Bought on a whim as I was browsing through Birmingham Airport's Duty Free, I am so glad I picked this up. I immediately tried it on as soon as I got on the plane and the cabin crew went crazy over it, asking me where I got it. Rose scented products are just so elegant in my opinion and Jurlique is well known for their skin care products and the Rosewater Mist does not disappoint. It is supposed to improve skin tone, up your moisture levels and restore your skin's PH balance. My skin is naturally oily but very dehydrated and this just helps my moisturiser work a bit better. I spray this on before and after moisturising my face and anytime thereafter. Love love love.

What are your favorite face mists? :)

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