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7 Aug 2014

Feed the Obsession | Vanilla body mists

Give me anything with vanilla in it and I'm sold.

Living in Dubai where 55 degree weather is considered normal, perfumes can sometimes be a bit too heavy (nauseating, headache inducing, prerequisite to sinusitis), especially perfumes with vanilla notes in them. Enter the body mists/body splashes. P.S if you work in an office, your colleagues will thank you, I promise.

I am a vanilla fiend. Straight up vanilla, stick it in my veins. There's something about smelling like a cake/snickerdoodles/a bakery that makes me giddy. 

These three are my all time favourites in body mist form ( I also have some EDP and EDT favorites but that calls for another post).

1. Victoria's Secret Insatiable Key Lime Lust is amazing. Think freshly baked key lime pie with a vanilla infused pie crust. Yummmmmy. This came out in 2005-ish as part of the limited edition Insatiable line. Thing is, it's also discontinued being after all, limited edition, not even during semi annual sales do they come out (dang you Victoria's Secret!!) so I hoard whatever bottles I can find on Ebay.

2. Bath and Body works Temptations Vanilla Ice Cream is seriously vanilla ice cream heaven. Soft, creamy, a little bit milky, a little bit musky mellow yellow vanilla. I am just IN LOVE with this scent. Again, it is also discontinued ( Bath and Body Works is also owned by Victoria's Secret, figures), I am not quite sure though when the Temptations line was released but I remember they came out with such lovely gourmand scents like Pumpkin Pie and Frosting Forever and whatnot. And again, Ebay is my best friend. I buy these in bulk.

3. Last but not the least, Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar, finally a scent that's not discontinued. I know this has already been said by everyone and their mother but this scent is such a comforting scent. Like a warm sweet smelling blankie. Coming into a house where there's something baking. Hot cocoa by the fireplace - I am off topic I know but you get my drift. It is exactly that, caster sugar infused with split vanilla pods. Toothache not included.

What is your favourite body mist?

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