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26 May 2014

The Lazy Cow, Warwick

I was in the UK for a little while last week and had a few days off from work (which was in Royal Leamington Spa) so I decided to spend them in Warwick.

I stayed in a charming little hotel called The Lazy Cow, which is also actually a popular steakhouse and  a favourite watering hole amongst the locals. If you don't look closely, you wouldn't even know there was a hotel as there's no sign that says there is. The rooms were all done up in black, white and gold and a couple of the bigger rooms even had their own jacuzzis but since I was all by my lonesome, I opted for the Luxury Single. (70£a night with breakfast)

Please don't mind the extremely messy bed - these are the spoils of me getting ready to head out and explore! I loved The Lazy Cow, it's a quaint little hotel with carpeted wooden floors, soft lovely beds, low lights and a homey ambiance and what's best is that they are reputed to serve the best steak in Warwick! That, honestly was the deal breaker for me as I didn't have much time to go looking around for accommodation and I wanted to stay in Warwick to be close to work.

My first meal after a very stressful (hungover) morning. Pulled pork sandwich and beer batter onion rings with a side of chips. 

Complimentary artisan mineral water, tea (Teapigs!) and a Nespresso machine doesn't hurt either plus you get a free Swag bag (don't get too excited, it's empty, but hey, it makes for a great memento.

It was raining most of the time I was there but since I have been living in the desert for the past five years now, it was a welcome and refreshing change. I may have even danced a little bit in the rain!

There are cow prints and cow photos everywhere! Moooooo!


The bar and restaurant are packed most nights but service is quick. Plus the wait staff are good looking and that is always a perk! 

Breakfast is free when you're a hotel guest and you can choose from their hot breakfasts or you can opt for the breakfast buffet spread - I ate the sweetest and most succulent strawberry I have ever tasted in my life but sadly I forgot to take a photo .... I had the Full English breakfast by the way.

Warwick Church
All in all, staying at The Lazy Cow was a lovely experience, even for a solo traveler. There's a lot to do as The Lazy Cow is strategically located just 10 steps away from the town square plus Warwick Castle is only an 8 minute walk away (litte tip: hotel guests get a 25% off discount from the castle's tour rates so don't forget to ask!). There are scores of shops, little boutiques, pubs and restaurants all around but the best thing is, it wasn't your usual, cut and dried, chain hotel experience (I hate that) it was an escape into a fairytale.
The Lazy Cow (now rebranded as The Globe)
10 Theatre Street
Warwick, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
0845 120 0666

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