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16 May 2014

MAC Eyeshadow Collection 2014


The first makeup brand that I have ever fallen in love with. The makeup brand that gave birth to my obsession with lipstick. Mac has started it all.

13 years later, I am still quite devoted to MAC, most notably to their lipsticks and their blushes but I have just recently discovered their vast array of eyeshadows. I know, I know. I joined the bandwagon a bit late. I did have my staples - Brule, Satin Taupe, Wedge, Omega, All that Glitters and Black Tied - and ogled and swatched colours whenever I come across a Mac counter but I had never really been as obsessed as I was with their lip products and blushes.

That is, until now. (By the way, Jaclyn Hill, circa her older videos, played a big part in this budding obsession.)

I now present to you, my current collection (complete with swatches and shade descriptions as per me). 

Enjoy and I hope you'll be as inspired as I was (and always will be!) to play with their colours.

Phloof! - Frost, shimmery pink nude
Ricepaper - Frost, shimmery yellow gold
Dazzlelight - Veluxe Pearl, metallic peachy gold
Vanilla - Velvet, gold vanilla with slight shimmer
Tip: These colours would be perfect as brow and inner corner highlights and as an all over wash

Patina - Frost, shimmery golden brown
Charcoal Brown - Matte, neutral ash brown
Sweet Lust - Frost, shimmery pink champagne
Shroom - Satin, blend of gold, white and pink shimmer
Tip: Patina works well as an all over wash underneath a myriad of different colours, Charcoal brown is widely used as a brow powder, Sweet Lust as a discreet wash of colour and Shroom is MAC's go to highlighting colour

Naked Lunch - Frost, warm peachy beige with pink shimmer
Motif - Frost, pinky nude beige shimmer with purple tones
Woodwinked - Veluxe Pearl, metallic gold with orange and red undertones
Amber Lights - Frost, burnished orange bronze
Tip: All of these colours look best as an all over wash, blended well with a transition/crease colour and a darker defining shade on the crease area except for Motif which can be used as a highlight or a light wash with just cats eye liner and lots and lots of lashes

Texture - Veluxe, a mix between matte and frost, Texture is warm buff brown with slight shimmer
Soft Brown - Matte, light tan
Coquette - Satin, cool toned brown
Cork - Satin, dark tan brown
Tip: All these colours work best as a transition and crease colour and Coquette is popular as a brow powder for blondes while Cork is more popular with brunettes

Coppering - Veluxe Pearl, true copper
Bronze - Frost, bronze with golden undertones
All that Glitters - Veluxe Pearl, shimmery rose gold
Saddle - Matte, warm brown
Tip: Coppering, Bronze and All that Glitters are perfect as all over eye colours blended or smoked out with crease colours while Saddle is best used as a transition colour

Black Tied - Velvet, matte black with silver glitter
Satin Taupe - Frost, silvery gray brown
Swiss Chocolate - Matte, warm cocoa brown
Antiqued - Veluxe Pearl, rusty copper bronze metallic
Tip: Black Tied is best used in your smoky eyes arsenal, Satin Taupe and Antiqued as all over colour while Swiss Chocolate is best used as a crease colour or outer thrid definer when using a lighter shade of all over lid colour

Trax - Veluxe, pinky purple with gold shimmer
Mulch - Velvet, warm brown with golden shimmer
Brown Script - Matte2, brown with red brick undertones (I had mistakenly bought another Brown Script, but it is always good to have a back up right?) :)
Shale - Satin, silvery purple gray
Tip: All these colours are perfect as an all over wash blended with other colours to define and smoke out while Brown Script is best used as a crease definer, some even use this colour as a face contour but I have yet to try that 

Club - Satin, cool brown with turquoise shimmer
Sable - Frost, bronze plum with gold undertones
Omega - Matte, light gray brown
Era - Satin, golden brown with silver shimmer
Tip: All these colours are best used as an all over lid colour blended out with other colours except for Omega which is, in my honest opinion, the best brow powder for blondes

How to Marry - Frost, cool toned white with silver glitter
Silver Screen - Frost, metallic silver
Gleam - Lustre, golden candlelight shimmer
Folie - Satin, reddish brown with slight shimmer
Tip: Both How to Marry and Silver Screen are from the limited edition Marilyn Monroe collection and works best by themselves as a light all over wash with just eyeliner, like how Marilyn does it. Gleam is perfect as a wash all by itself or mixed with darker colours on the crease while Folie is mostly used as a transition colour similar to Swiss Chocolate

Swimming - Frost, shimmery blue green
Plumage - Matte, blue black teal
Steamy - Frost, metallic aquamarine
Aqua - Matte, pale mint green
Tip: All colours are best used as an all over eye colour while Plumage is best paired with other green shadows as a crease definer

Sketch - Veluxe, Plum with brown undertones
Carbon - Matte, very matte black
Satellite Dreams - Veluxe Pearl, metallic purple
Nocturnelle - Frost, warm purple with plum undertones
Tip: Satellite Dreams is the perfect colour for an all over lid colour when doing a smoky purple eye lok while Sketch and Nocturnelle are best used as transition colours and Carbon, one of MAC's popular shades is a staple in most makeup artists' smokey eye arsenals

A new addition to my neutrals palette is Nylon which I have read/seen so many raves about as an inner corner highlighter, brow highlighter and even as a cheek highlighter. It is very shimmery compared to Shroom's subtle sheen so it is perfect for evening eye makeup or  big events or even everyday if you are the type who loves all out shimmer.  I know I am sometimes!

I am currently having a lot of fun trying out different eye looks, veering away from my usual look (which is just one lid colour, cats eye liner and lots of mascara) and trying out colours and colour combinations I would have never tried otherwise and I hope you will be inspired to do the same.

Life is always better with lots of colour, as they say.

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