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8 Apr 2014

What I'm loving right now

March came and went in a flash didn't it? I'm sorry that I'm writing this in April but things have been so hectic these past few weeks!

So without further ado, let me share with you the things I loved in March.  

1. NARS blush in Orgasm - I know this has probably been blogged about and reviewed to the moon and back but there's nothing that beats this peachy golden magical glow.

2. MAC cremesheen glass in Playful Petal - A limited edtion release with one of this spring's new collections, A Fantasy of Flowers, Playful Petal looks like an ordinary, run of the mill shimmery fuchsia gloss but on the lips gives off a sheer watery soft pink colour with flecks of gold, pink and blue shimmer -yes, blue!- lovely, lovely, lovely. I love cremesheen glosses, they are less sticky than the lipglasses and more moisturizing, in my opinion. Playful Petal is not available in Dubai yet as I write this, as we are usually two to three collections behind the US and the UK, but when it does get here I'll make sure to get a back up.

3. Jo Malone cologne in Wild Bluebell - I have a penchant for floral perfumes and this one is truest to the true. It smells like crushed wildflowers, a daisy chain that has been worn and had its day of fun, a sprig left on your windowsill. I know it's supposed to be a true bluebell scent but there are layers upon layers of other scents - leaves, fresh green buds, morning dew. Jo Malone fragrances linger long after you've walked away,  her sillage is EVERYTHING. We recently had a meeting at work and I sat next to my colleague for an hour or so, I went back to my desk after and my colleague said I left the most beautiful scent long after I left her side. I guess it also goes without saying to be careful in application. I was surprised as I had become immune to the scent and could not even smell it when she told me that!

4. Makeup Forever Full cover concealer - thick no nonsense concealer that actually stays put all day long. This actually has been a favorite of mine ever since, from a thousand years ago when I used to work at Paris Gallery.
5. Crabtree and Evelyn Goatmilk body lotion - a thin, lightweight (almost watery) but completely moisturizing lotion that is perfect for the coming Dubai summer! Did I mention that it smells absolutely divine? 

6. Makeup Forever Waterproof eyebrow gel - I know this has already been discontinued and now replaced with something similar called Aqua brow I believe but this has been with me since forever. It lasts that long, even coming in such a small tube. I do believe that brows are all about the technique and not really the product but this really does give the illusion of fuller brows ( I had a little diy eyebrow wax disaster. )                                       
7. Benefit's Some Kinda Gorgeous creme to powder foundation - I'll be honest, I had only gotten this because Ashley Benson mentioned that this was a staple in her makeup bag and she loves it on days when she's not filming because it was lightweight. And lightweight is what I need for the coming hot (boiling) summer days. I like it so far, I just wish it covered all my freckles! :)

8. Bobbi Brown lipstick in Pale Pink - rediscovered an old favorite, this shade makes lips look plump and full and oh so kissable. On my lips they are a lovely my lips but better hue, on lesser pigmented lips they will be a true soft pale plummy pink but still plumping nonetheless. Bonus: you can use this on your cheeks too. I just wish it smelled a bit more pleasant, Bobbi Brown lipsticks tend to smell like crayons!

What are your favorites for the month? I would love to read about them!


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