6 Dec 2020

The Typewriter and Me and then there's the Hermes 3000

It was my Dad who taught me how to type. I still remember that moment, clear as day. 


11 Jun 2020

The Dough House

Picture this: a lace tablecloth, dried rosebuds strewn about copiously, Royal Albert tea sets and a dazzling display of different flavoured scones (chili and cheese, rose and lime, orange and chocolate to name a few), a resplendent Victoria sponge cake alongside an almond and walnut covered Chocolate fudge cake and a dizzying array of jams, preserves and tapenades. Are you seeing it now? Don't forget the sparkling flutes of Rosé. Now add to that the most idyllic, light filled kitchen with floor to ceiling windows overlooking a sprawling British garden framed by apple and pear trees. And then revel in the fact that your afternoon tea is set in Shakespeare's birthplace.

25 May 2020

Interview | Isabella Lipuma

She, of the pink taffeta and the dark, dark hair, the watermelon lipgloss and the crystal tattoos; a wood nymph, film camera in hand, frolicking through the concrete gardens of New York City, exploring the glittery underbelly of Los Angeles, traversing the rainy streets of London in search of art that speaks to the heart, seeking her beloved rococo treasures in the decadent corners of Versailles; with a beauty shelf that would rival any one of the features on Into the Gloss and a penchant for old Hollywood glamour, Isabella is a girl after my own dark, rainbow tinged heart.


18 Jan 2020

Current Reading List

I have to tell you, I have been slacking in the reading department. Life, as it happens, has been not very pretty lately. But we are not here to talk about that. Recently, I have been quite into memoirs and poetry books and I am slowly becoming obsessed (again) with art journaling and handwritten letters that I pick up every book I find that has "The Letters of..../The Journals of..." on the title. So here goes:


15 Jun 2019

A love letter to London

My dearest London,

You never interested me much before. I always found myself running to the countryside, chasing my dreams of long walks through Walden wood. But Fate has funny ways of taking us places and suddenly, there you were before me - cold and wet and grey - welcoming me into your arms just a few short hours before my birthday.

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